Is there a noticeable difference between using a SATA and NVMe SSD for programming? I’ve googled a question like this numerous times, every time without getting a clear answer that would provide any numbers. So, I’ve decided to do a quick comparison myself.

I’ll be comparing a 6-years old Crucial MX100 512GB SATA SSD with a brand new Samsung EVO 970 1TB NVMe SSD in real-world scenarios a typical Node.js or React developer runs into (and is usually annoyed by 😂).

Now, note that this isn’t a completely fair comparison as larger SSDs tend to have better performance in general…

(And why it will be awesome once it is)

graph showing rising number of weekly downloads of Svelte in the past 5 years
graph showing rising number of weekly downloads of Svelte in the past 5 years
Weekly downloads of Svelte in the past 5 years. Source: NPM trends

Spending the past couple of weeks using Svelte for a personal project, I’ve been pretty happy with it, although there’ve been some hurdles along the way. This article aims to explore the issues I’ve run into, as well as what’s so great about Svelte — all based on that couple of weeks of experience. If you’re a Svelte newcomer or are trying to get a better overview of the current JavaScript front-end frameworks, this article might help you.

What Is Svelte?

Chances are you’ve already heard about Svelte if you’re reading this, so just a quick recap: Svelte is a language and a…

Here’s a thought, which might change the way you look at the world every day:

Everything in the world we live in is composed from atoms, into molecules, into organisms, and on and on…

Image for post
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…and I’m not talking about the nature necessarily. I want you to think about this as a general pattern, which can be applied to basically anything. I’ll give you a few very simple examples.

First, some general ones:

  • People at work: person (atom) -> team (molecule) -> company (organism)
  • Knowledge: information (atom) -> connecting different pieces of information together (molecules) -> general knowledge (organism)
  • Human society…

So, you love React & React Native for their awesomeness. You have an existing Android app and you’d like to utilize React Native. However, you use the docs, but somehow you’re running into an exception, the app crashes etc. I have good news for you, this article should help you! :)

Note: I’m using React Native version 0.30. I’m also assuming you have at least a littble bit of experience building Android apps and know how to use the command line.

I’m assuming you’ve already downloaded your favorite starter kit, ran npm install and finished any other required steps. Also…

Jan Kalfus

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